Friends of the Band
The “Friends of the Band” campaign, which began in 1996, is a means for businesses, extended family, and friends, to show their support of the Worthington Kilbourne Bands in a special way. Contributions go to the general Band Booster fund, and are used exclusively to support the four curricular, jazz, and marching bands that comprise the WKHS Band program. Since 1996, your contributions have been used to purchase ALL performance uniforms for the curricular and marching bands, including the curricular bands’ formal attire, the marching band and color guard. The funds have also provided additional equipment and enhanced performance opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. All of our donors are listed in our concert programs for the entire year, as well as being posted in the Performing Arts wing of the high school. What a wonderful way to advertise your business, and to make a statement of your support of one of the best instrumental programs in central Ohio!
Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide the best instrumental music experience possible to to each and every one of our talented students. Thank you for your generosity!

At the start of each school year, parents, students, family, extended families and businesses will have the opportunity to fill out a Friends of the Band form to pledge support. This form will be emailed home at the start of the year and will also be included in the program at our first concert of the school year.