Fundraising Through Kroger Rewards
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Step 1 - Type into your browser.

Step 2
- Choose the “Sign in” or “Create an account” button at top of page.

Step 3
- Enter your email address and password and either click the “sign in” or the “save and continue” button.

Step 4
- If you are creating a new account, enter your zip code and press find stores.Select a store and press save and continue. Select whether or not you have a Kroger Plus card and press save and continue. Sign up to Receive Special Offers by E-Mail and press save and continue. Confirm your account and press complete registration.Check your email to Activate Your Account. Click on the link to confirm your e-mail address and selected preferences.

Step 5
- If you have an account, choose “My Account” link in upper right section of page.”

Step 6
- Scroll down and click on the “Community Rewards” link.

Step 7
- Click on the Edit Community Rewards Program Information button.

Step 8
- Enter 81380 in the Find Your Organization box and press search.

Step 9
- Click on the by “Worthington Kilbourne Band Boosters” then press the “save changes” button.

Step 10
- You will be returned to the Account Settings tab of your Kroger card profile.

Step 11
- Click Community Rewards again, and you will be shown the Worthington Kilbourne Band Boosters with our enrollment number 81380 and your enrollment date.

Step 12
- You are now registered!!! Thank you!!