Worthington Kilbourne Bands

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Step 1. Type www.krogercommunityrewards.com into your browser.

Step 2. Choose the “Sign in” or “Create an account” button at top of page.

Step 3. Enter your email address and password and either click the “
sign in” or the “save and continue” button.

Step 4. If you are creating a new account, enter your zip code and press
find stores.Select a store and press save and continue. Select whether or not you have a Kroger Plus card and press save and continue. Sign up to Receive Special Offers by E-Mail and press save and continue. Confirm your account and press complete registration.Check your email to Activate Your Account. Click on the link to confirm your e-mail address and selected preferences.

Step 5. If you have an account, choose “My Account” link in upper right section of page.”

Step 6. Scroll down and click on the “Community Rewards” link.

Step 7. Click on the Edit Community Rewards Program Information button.

Step 8. Enter
81380 in the Find Your Organization box and press search.

Step 9. Click on the by “Worthington Kilbourne Band Boosters” then press the
“save changes” button.

Step 10. You will be returned to the Account Settings tab of your Kroger card profile.

Step 11. Click Community Rewards again, and you will be shown the Worthington Kilbourne Band Boosters with our enrollment number
81380 and your enrollment date.

Step12. You are now registered!!! Thank you!!


Friends of the Band

The “Friends of the Band” campaign, which began in 1996, is a means for businesses, extended family, and friends, to show their support of the Worthington Kilbourne Bands in a special way.

Contributions go to the general Band Booster fund, and are used exclusively to support the four curricular, jazz, and marching bands that comprise the WKHS Band program. Since 1996, your contributions have been used to purchase ALL performance uniforms for the curricular and marching bands, including the curricular bands’ formal attire, the marching band and color guard. The funds have also provided additional equipment and enhanced performance opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

All of our donors are listed in our concert programs for the entire year, as well as being posted in the Performing Arts wing of the high school. What a wonderful way to advertise your business, and to make a statement of your support of one of the best instrumental programs in central Ohio!

Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide the best instrumental music experience possible to to each and every one of our talented students. Thank you for your generosity!

Trailer Advertisement

Advertise your business and/or show your family’s support of the WKHS Marching Band by purchasing an ad or band member/family name on our trailer! The trailer travels across Ohio for all of our marching band competitions. This is a great way to get exposure for your business or for parents/grandparents to recognize and honor their student musicians!!

Lower Half Rear Door: $1,000
Side of Trailer (from back): $875

Individual or Family Name (V-nose of trailer): $50

Ads/names will remain on the trailer for the life of the wrap – estimated to be 5 years.

Specific information can be found on the Worthington Kilbourne High School Band Instrument Trailer Advertisement Agreement. Contact any WKHS Band Booster Board member for more information.

Trailer Advertisement Flyer
Trailer Advertisement Agreement